Gary Smith

Gary is Founder and Managing Director of Business IT Plus. He has loved electronics since the 1970s, when he helped design the first colour televisions for Rediffusion. He then moved to the BBC where his circuit-board expertise was crucial to the success of iconic BBC Outside Broadcasts. Gary naturally wants to fix things and computers seem very prone to breaking. He has also always enjoyed working with people and coming up with solutions  – so his job is heaven on earth and he’s very happy every day of the week!

And finally

With four children and a fifth on the way, Gary is likely to be working for a while yet …

Telephone: 01243 696953 – Option 2
Mobile: 07979 852506
Role: Director

Annette Bartlett

Annette is our Company Administrator. She trained in accountancy in London, marshalled 100 highly qualified engineers when she ran the Research & Development department of a plc, then bought her own hi-fi company with her husband. At Business IT Plus she loves being surrounded by enthusiastic people (thanks, Annette!) in a fast-moving industry where it is impossible to predict the next new development. She also loves the fact that she is still learning new skills in a world where IT is ever-more essential.

And finally

Annette stole her daughter’s job while she was on maternity leave, and she’s not even ashamed!

Telephone: 01243 696953 – Option 3
Role: Company Administrator

Ashley Grove

Ashley is our newest recruit. He joined Business IT Plus to gain some work experience and we liked him so much we now employ him part time while he completes his studies. He has always dreamed of a job in computing and technology and is currently studying for a Higher National Certificate in Computing and Systems Development.

And finally

The first laptop Ashley was given to fix had been drowned in cat urine. You just never know what people will do next with their computers 

Telephone: 01243 696953 – Option 1
Mobile: 07458 077323
Role: IT Technician