We're back to Blogging and Firefox drop Support for Windows Vista and XP! - Business IT Plus Ltd

We’re back to Blogging and Firefox drop Support for Windows Vista and XP!

We’re back to blogging!

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Firefox drops support for Windows Vista, XP

If for some reason you’re still running Windows Vista or even XP and you’re a Firefox fan, be warned: the latest version of Mozilla’s open-source browser is the last that will work on those two versions of Windows.

Windows Vista, released in 2006, comes to the end of its support lifecycle on April 11 this year, which means it will no longer get security or feature updates. It was superseded by Windows 7, which has the biggest share of the desktop OS ecosystem at just over 48%, according to Netmarketshare. Vista fans, you are among the 0.78% of people using that OS on the desktop.

Windows XP, which came to the end of its support lifecycle in April 2014, still commands 8.45% of the desktop market, but hopefully with the ending of Firefox support, users of both versions of Windows will finally look to upgrade.

The latest version of Firefox also removes support for insecure legacy plugins such as Java, Silverlight and Acrobat. Flash support hangs on, but it’s switched off by default, and it will warn users when navigating to a page that isn’t encrypted with HTTPS.