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Be a Scammer Jammer

One in five people who fall prey to cyber attacks take no action afterwards to boost their digital defences. So while the online criminals are devious, smart and use a number of methods to steal our money, it is up to us to know what to look out for and stay one step ahead.

Do not click on emails that say they come from your bank. Instead use your bank’s web site or app. If you are worried that you have clicked on a bogus link, contact your bank immediately.

Banks will never cold call and ask you for your details to be confirmed. Hang up, dial your bank’s number from your phone. If the scammer becomes threatening, ignore them and hang up.

Keep the privacy settings on any social media sites you use, as high as possible. Limit visible information such as your birthdate. Only accept friend requests from people you know.

Make sure you keep your computer as up to date as possible, especially your internet browser and anti virus software.
Stay away from any dubious web sites and downloads.

Business IT Plus can help ensure your passwords are as strong as possible – talk to us we are happy to advise and we have software which assists us in checking these passwords to safeguard you further.

We can always advise on Cyber Security software and we both use and sell one of the best in the business. Again call us for further advice.

The above was taken from article published by Barclays Bank in the Saturday Telegraph 13/5/2017.