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Cyber Security – Why Your Company needs Heimdal Complete Anti Virus Software to stay safe!

By 14th October 2021Uncategorised

Case Study –

A client called us recently, understandably very concerned that after a Google search and entering what they thought was the Amazon website, multiple error messages appeared on their screen. A voice was also sounding out of the computers speakers stating “your IP address has been corrupted, please call the number on the screen, do not turn off your computer”. Now luckily and firstly, our client had the common sense not to call this number and secondly they had us as their IT provider to help them!!! We were able to quickly identify that this was on a browser which we were able to close down and it immediately stopped the warnings with no damage done to the computer. Most importantly, they did NOT call the number on their screen as indicated to do as this is exactly what they wanted – you panic then call the number!

How the Scam Works:

A pop-up suddenly appears on your computer screen with a warning from a well-known tech support company. In our clients case, it was Windows. The pop-up will ask you to call a number to resolve the issue. When you call, a “technician” will tell you your IP address is being used by shady individuals.

Scammers say they work for a reputable company and can fix the problem, but you’ll need to pay a fee and give them remote access to your computer first. Of course, the claims are false! If you believe them, scammers will make off with your money and gain access to any personal information stored on your computer.

How to Protect Yourself from Computer Scams:

  • Never open attachments or links in emails from unknown senders. These can generate the fake warning pop-ups that prompt you to make a call to scammers. If you do get a suspicious pop-up alert, don’t click on anything and restart your computer.
  • Never give strangers remote access to your computer. You should only allow remote access to technicians of trustworthy companies that you contacted through a legitimate customer service number or chat.


There was a good ant-virus software on our clients computer but it was not good enough to prevent this from happening. Now obviously, the anti-virus software we recommend and provide our customers is Heimdal Antivirus Software and this prevents you navigating to these malicious websites.

Benefits of Heimdal Antivirus Software –

  • Safeguards computers from online attacks by eliminating threats and protecting personal information
  • Includes randsomware and email protection
  • Offers system and data security for businesses looking for protection

Spyware, Malware & Ransomware Scans:

Heimdal Antivirus actively works to keep your business protected from advanced malware and spyware threats on your computer. The software keeps you safe from many types of attacks, including form-grabbing malware and browser and DNS hijacking. Any websites that post a malware threat to your system will be blacklisted so that you’re protected from infection. Heimdal Antivirus effectively identifies malware threats by performing a variety of scans while you use your computer to access the internet.

Email Scans:

Heimdal Antivirus protects your email so that your system and personal information are not compromised. Proactively, the software will identify and block any links emailed to you that direct to ransomware. You don’t even have to worry about clicking them by accident. The software also protects your system from being infected by harmful email attachments. The program will block any email that has an attachment that connects to servers that will install ransomware on your system.


After calling us in to help, this was a happy ending for our client who didn’t part with any money or have her computer compromised. If you currently do not have Heimdal Antivirus Software protecting your companies computers, give us a call and we would be happy to talk you thought the benefits.


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