Data Protection

With the introduction of the GDPR Regulation, data encryption is required to protect sensitive company data (see GDPR for more info). As one of the best tools on the market, ESET DESlock+ encryption software is recommended by us as a user friendly security tool, ensuring you can control who has access to your data.

Encryption is available at different scales including hard drives, individual files/folders, portable drives and emails. Utilizing central management, changes and updates can be made silently without any disruption.

We can provide you with a solution to manage encryption across your business, tailored to your needs. This could be via encryption of certain areas with sensitive data, or full disk encryption across all machines and drives. Speak to a member of our team, and we will offer you the optimum solution for data protection!

Remaining time to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation

2018/05/25 00:00:00


Full Disk Encryption keeps you entire HDD encrypted with pre-boot security, with full remote management.
Removable Media Encryption enables you to protect removable media with full or file encryption.
File and Folder Encryption ensuring that your teams and workgroups can collaborate securely.
Mail Encryption ensures that only its intended recipient reads your email.
Text and Clipboard Encryption ensures that sensitive information can’t be read from the clipboard.
Virtual Disks and Compressed Archives ensure that information sent on CD/DVD’s or via an FTP server is secure.
Encryption Key Management allows you to add or remove encryption keys with ease, without affecting the user.
Centralised Management helps you manage every endpoint user and workstation from a single centralised hub.
Enterprise Server Proxy can act as an intermediary ensuring that all connections from the client and server are outgoing.
ESET Endpoint Encryption Mobile for iOS, offers Email, Text and attachment encryption and is fully compatible with central administration.