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Even the fbi director covers his personal webcam

By 25th April 2016Uncategorised

This remains as high a profile as ever and will become ever more so as we go forward as the more clever the technology we use to protect ourselves and our systems,  the more clever the technology and methodology of those who are determined to illegally penetrate them.

FBI Director James Comey gave a speech last week in Ohio and during his Q & A session, following his speech,  he admitted that he puts tape over the webcam on his personal laptop, which when you are as high a profile person as Comey is possibly not as ridiculous as it sounds.  Spies and hackers have made a habit of going after Government officials and hacking into their personal accounts.  Malicious software can be used to take over your computer which in turn can give the criminal hacker access to all your personal data

As a result of this Business IT+ remain ever vigilant when looking after our Clients security and we can recommend the most secure type of software to try and protect you. If you require any further advice or would like to talk this through with one of our Technical Team then please do not hesitate to call us.  Always be wary of links and attachments to emails or social media messages from Strangers or unknown addresses.  Even email that appear to come from addresses you know could be faked by a hacker.

Security software is imperative to keep your systems and data safe.  It is not a luxury and it should be a priority.  If you are unsure about any aspect of your current security then please call Business IT+ and speak to a member of our Technical Team.

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