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Password Complexity, Where to draw the line?

By 15th November 2017Uncategorised

Tech is increasing in strength; your passwords should too!

Gone are the days when you could put your daughter’s birthdate, your dog’s name etc as your password and rely on the fact that it would keep your data safe.
Hackers today are very sophisticated in their approach have now improved their skills immeasurably. The rise in today’s computing power also gives them the strength to crack basic and non-complex passwords in a matter of seconds. This makes it ever more necessary to ensure that your passwords are secure to help prevent any unauthorized person/s getting accessing your data by breaking them.

Business IT Plus have put up a password generator (go to their ‘Clients’ section – subsection ‘Password’) to help you secure your accounts. Anyone can use this – be our guest. You will see that it gives a much longer password than perhaps you are familiar with or used to creating yourself, but by using this tool it should just help to make your data that little bit more secure from those who are interested in getting hold of it! The idea behind this is that randomly strung characters are harder to crack opposed to dictionary words since attackers use tables full of dictionary words for ‘brute force’ methods.