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Security issues again and this time it’s passwords

By 10th May 2016Uncategorised

In a race to replace using the sadly inadequate ‘Password’ for security with the possibility of  looking at using fingerprint recognition, then  Iris recognition (both of which can be tricked using constructed copies) we now move on to possibly using the Skull for use in authentication.

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and the Universities of Stuttgart and Saarland conducted controlled studies (using 10 participants) looking at the way sound bounces around the skull and reverberates back, using the bone conduction speaker and microphone integrated into an eyewear computer like Google Glass.   According to the Teams Paper each of us has a unique and stable frequency response when sound is conducted through our skulls.  However it is acknowledged that weight gain or hair loss/growth could mess up the results ………………so the research continues to find the most secure method of protecting  us and our technology and you can rest assured that in the  future we will become ever more in need of this protection.

Here at Business IT Plus we have been looking into how secure some passwords are and can now advise companies and individuals on how easy it would be for the Cyber Criminal to ‘crack’ this password.  Let’s face it the last thing you want is to have your password ‘cracked’ then you will leave yourself open to all the scams that these sort of criminals enjoy!  Business IT Plus make it their business to advise on the level of ease by which your password can be ‘cracked’.  Speak to us let us help………………………..let’s at least make it as hard as possible to ‘crack’ yours as that way you can be sure they will move on to find someone else’s that is a great deal easier.  One of the passwords we created the other day we found out that it would take a cyber criminal 2 million years to ‘crack’ – that seemed good enough for us – at least by then we won’t be here to face the comeback.

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