Hardware – servers, desktops, laptops and tablets

At Business IT Plus we will assess your needs before recommending the servers, desktops, laptops and tablets that suit your operations best, from a range of leading PC brands and Apple Mac products. We also offer custom-built computers designed specifically for you.

We can advise on user-friendly devices, options for businesses on a budget and models where extra reliability and durability bring cost-saving benefits in the longer term.

We sometimes have refurbished PCs, Apple Mac desktops and laptops in stock, so ask us if you’re looking for excellent value for money. Expert Chichester and Bognor Regis desktop and laptop suppliers, we supply, fit and test all computer equipment and systems.

Our current top picks include:

  • Desktops: Hewlett Packard 400 G3 MT; strong foundations, affordable and reliable, very up to date!
  • Laptops: HP Pavilion 15; colorful, efficient, portable and nicely affordable!
  • Tablets: Microsoft Surface Pro; power full, reliable, long lasting and very portable!
  • Servers: HP ProLiant; reliable, speedy, intelligent and efficient, avoiding downtime and data loss!
  • Server OS: Microsoft Small Business Servers; secure, affordable and reliable.

Computer and networking accessories

  • Switches for different networks including Fibre Channel, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Ethernet and InfiniBand.
  • Cables including coaxial cables, optical fibre cables and twisted pair cables.
  • Connectors including BNC connectors for use with coaxial cables; RJ45 connectors for use with Ethernet network cards; and RJ11 connectors for telephone lines.
  • Faceplates to improve safety and reduce trailing cables.

Call today about our range of Chichester and Bognor Regis computer and networking accessories. Business IT Plus – happy clients across West Sussex and Hampshire.

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