This is a risky time for small and medium-sized enterprises. They are fast becoming the hackers’ favoured target and are often woefully unprepared. The latest Government Security Breaches Survey found that 66% of medium-sized organisations reported a security breach in the last 12 months (end of 2017).

SMEs are now being pinpointed by digital attackers and further research showed most businesses have been targeted by common fraudulent emails, viruses and malware. See the full report here: Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017

Back-Up Security

Anti-virus/spyware security

Fortunately, we’re ahead of the game. We can set up sophisticated filters and high-level passwords, encryption and firewalls. We use the anti-virus software ESET, already protecting more than 200 million people across the globe.

ESET is especially effective as it combines anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-theft and anti-spyware software. Through remote monitoring we can also swiftly respond to any security emergencies.

Anti-virus Hosted Exchange Security
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Helping keep businesses secure

Viruses and malware cost UK business thousands of pounds and can even bring a company to its knees. Robust security solutions from West Sussex and Hampshire anti-virus specialists Business IT Plus keep the threat at bay.

Business IT Plus are the Chichester, Bognor Regis and surround areas cloud services and IT support experts.

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